D.S.A Update (1.2)

I've finally updated my "Original Masterpiece", D.S.A! This new version significantly fixes technical issues and tightens the script.

Over the last few years, it got to the point this game was so below my current standard that I didn't want people to download it. Which is bad, cause, I put so much work into it and it would take a comparatively short amount of time to update it and polish it. (it took almost 2 months)

This update feels like a significant update. This is now the best version of the game.

New features:

  • Cool new textboxes with little pictures for characters speaking (so it's much, much clearer, especially in scenes with lots of characters)
  • FPS clock
  • Major script tweaks for parts of it I wasn't happy with
  • text slowly scrolls in instead of just appears on a boring slate
  • huge bug on windows 10 that caused immense slowdown in one mandatory scene fixed
  • an area that was missing from the original game, somehow, has been restored


D.S.A 1.2.zip 137 MB
Apr 20, 2019

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