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(note: all games are credited to "Steve Barrett" my old name)

So, I've collected 13 of my old (and in the case of some of them, really old) games into a .zip file that you can explore at will. It's untidy and messed up, but in the end that turned out to describe the workflow of these things perfectly

Even though they're old and crap, I still feel like a parent sending their children into the big wide world. What is wrong with me

Here's the games I've got in here:

  1. Testbed/Being game- 3D platformer/adventure (2006)
  2. Bethany Fife and the Biome of Life (But Actually Death)- (2010)
  3. Bulb- 3D Whatever (2010)
  4. Cupboard of doom- 2D twitch skill game (2011)
  5. Offensive counters- 3D multiplayer shooter (2010) (definitley the best one in the pack)
  6. Outofbody 2- 2D platformer (2013)
  7. Reaction game- Reaction… Game (2011)
  8. Riot!- 2D brawler (2012)
  9. MONSTER GUTS featuring EARL- Games jam game, shooter (2012)
  10. "Schmup"- Shmup 1. (2011)
  11. "Shmup 1"- Shmup 2 (2012)
  12. "Stupid Ring Game"- Really old driving game (2006)
  13. The Party- Point and Click Adventure test (2013)

Note that none of these are finished. Not by a long shot. Don't expect anything close to one level of one game. I would've liked to put some really old things in here, but most of them are sadly gone.

There's a readme file in every folder that tells you about the game in question and about me in lurid detail if you need a bit of help. I didn't proof read it. It's all crap. It's raw and real. I can't think of anything else to say. It can speak for itself

NOTE: This pack really is kind of bad, and if you want a refund I fully understand and intend to comply


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