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You are ZACHARY KNOXVILLE TOUCHDOWN, The ultimate geek. It's the future and the world's so overpopulated that you have to live in the STACKS, a big-ass pile of cars. Since there's nowhere for your generation to go, you all live in a virtual reality game called "The Oasis", where the limits of reality... Are the limits........ Of your own imagination.

In theOasis you will be able to see things from yur wildest dreams. Characters from film and TV and video games crossing over in unexpected ways. Huge interstellar explosions. Massive-scale fights between Transformers and Godzilla... You name it. And maybe along the way... You will find romance.


  • -Loaded to the brim with exasperating pop cultural references and stuff I stole from models-resource.com
  • -Complete the lost almanac of "Ernest Clean", the ultimate Oasis player and pop-cultural archivist, by collecting the scattered pages of his almanac strewn throughout the world
  • -Level up your pop-cultural knowledge to BECOME the ultimate nerd based on how much B.O you accumulate.
  • -Meet a hot girl who will swoop in and fix every single problem in your life
  • -Ride a stellar selection of vehicles and hold a stellar selection of weapons and gadgets
  • -FOIL the plans of the authoritarian CYBER-COPS
  • -See amazing sights

Based on the best-selling novel "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
Tags80s, 90s, bootleg, geek, nerd, ready-player-one, references


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I keep showing this to friends, and they leave as changed people.


i liked when i saw the thing that I recognized


Your games are all really good in a way that I fear just won't resonate with people that weren't around for the 2000's. I suppose it's ok if younger people don't get it, but really you capture something special and hilarious that is really tough to get right and really easy to do poorly. Also didn't realize you used Blitz 3D that's just so perfect. A+ game


Pottergame was such a blast that I'm going to try this one as well. Sent 5 pounds for itch.io money day, thanks for your work !


still a good game ive beaten this game three times i never 100% the pages or lootboxes though

I'm playing on Mac OS X using Wine. For some reason, I can't enter any places but the Star Wars one. Whenever I try, it throws up "Memory access error". Anyone have any ideas?

presumably you can also access the stacks and hub- the only other accessible places to you would be the city and the first unlockable door. Hmmm. The only thing these rooms have in common that isn't in the others is that they play gif files on the screens in the levels. It must be having trouble with directX's movie player

try running it with the directplay winetrick?

I wanted to send you (the dev) some money but apparently you don't accept paypal at this time. :(

oh damn, I didn't realise! It seems there was something going on on the settings where I had to resubmit some information. I don't know how long it's been like that. Anyway, it's fixed now!

It still isn't working. :( (don't worry, ill still send it to you when you fix it. Its only 2 pounds though.) :)

I'm currently working on fixing this, it's a load of hoops paypal's making me jump through. Hopefully I'll fix it this week

Good luck with paypal.

I'm working on it... really


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good shit

Perhaps do you know the anime shown in the Hacker Heaven? 


I'm gonna show this to my mom!

What engine was this made in? It's pretty lightweight I would totally use this engine for a game

blitz 3d. it's so old its website no longer exists. and it's also free https://blitzresearch.itch.io/blitz3d

blitz 3d user here, gotta say nicely done

with a few techniques, coding and art alchemy blitz 3d can do some pretty interesting things.

check it out ...  https://cartrdge.com/mrmediamanx/animated-texture-3d

all and all if you need a hand let me know .... im cool with it.

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Thank you. Although bear in mind I've been at this for 15 years

Good to see other people still using the software, tho..

This is amazing. What engine did you use?

blitz 3d. it is old. There is no evidence it ever existed. They recently re-released it for free https://blitzresearch.itch.io/blitz3d

Oh wow! I had completely forgotten about blitz 3D


I'm so glad this game doesn't pander to the lowest demographic like call of duty. Ready player fuck deserves a place right next to hardcore classics like cuphead. It really affirms my manchild worldview. Maybe with more ready player fucks and super mario odysseys there won't be anymore room for multiplayer games where an 8 year old can easily dumpster my retard ass. Until then I'll complain about the state of gaming on r/gaming.


this is so gamer!!!!


This game is very interdasting. It was lagging on my laptop so I'll play it when I get home. Looks great so far.


i haven't even played this yet and i can already tell that this will be the best game i will ever play in my entire life. 20/10


A gamer's game.

More amazing than I ever expected. A legendary adaptation of the novel.

Thank you.