Katelabs 2.0 update!

More objects and features have been added to the game! Don't sleep on this- it's almost a whole new game at this point!

  • Alt now allows you to zoom the camera around.
  • you can now grow as well as shrink.
  • Text boxes you can edit to write
  • WAY more models including models from Forbidden Pleasure's Of Atlantis and Super Distressing Planet as well as letters, numbers, and various new things such as roads
  • scroll bar in create menu
  • object inspector now shows object's size, location, and rotation
  • Lots of bugfixes:    - faster load times   - a bug where you couldn't load things from subfolders   - spline collisions were buggy - back and forth platform motion would miss a frame every full loop it took, sometimes
  • "Edit mode" and "Play mode" can be selected from the main menu
  • Can customise permitted player moveset in play mode

Changes to the scripting system:

  • New functions:   - sinewave motion   - move once   - player collision   - object collision   -point at player   - emit sound
  • Icon for every function type
  • more sound FX to add to objects
  • remote activated functions can now also activate functions on JUST that object!
  • function icons list function identifier numbers
  • Can add more function to individual objects
  • drag functions onto other objects

Things you can do in this new version:

The new functions allow you to program collisions, collisions with the player, which activate other things, adding a lot more possibilities to the world.

more complex motion is now also possible, with sinewave motion and "move once", which also allows you to trigger another function afterward

Ability to grow bigger allows you to place larger objects much faster to create a world with 3 levels of scale very fast. such as mountains or other features on the horizon. You can also travel fast, as well as just enjoy the benefits of being big.

Alt + drag mouse allows you to quickly zoom around your world to see where everything is and if it's all aligned correctly, to streamline building.


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May 23, 2020
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Feb 08, 2021

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Screenshots looks cool! Any chance you can release it for Mac? Would like to give it a try.

unfortunatley the software I use to code (blitz basic) cannot compile for mac :(

I looked it up. Apparently Blitz also had a product called "Blitz Max", which did compile to both Windows & Mac. But the developer abandoned both for something new called Monkey. 

And the cool game "Crypt of The Necromancer" was created with Monkey as well. Seems they have an Itch.io account haha.


Not sure if you feel like upgrading? Seems to be free, and you'll expand your audience too. Win/win