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In KATELABS, Kate Barrett (Ready Player F**K, Flamingo Quest) brings you her most advanced tech yet... But with a twist! YOU get to be let loose with it! It's a deep level editor with lots of features including moving platforms, rotating, scaling, paths, particles, sounds, the ability to shrink and grow, and all sorts of other treats!

Can be used to make levels, or just to make art.

In Early access which means I will hopefully update it every so often, and old files will still work with it!

Join the discord!: https://discord.gg/Et8DqP42uq

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Very nice

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Really love the aesthetic and (most of) the jankiness, but found too many kind of important features missing just at the moment- most of them are "nice to haves" and some might even be bad ideas given the foundationalist, non-polished aesthetic, but the lack of a group function or tiled duplication, or really any way of propagating lots of the same prop in a structured way except meticulously placing them one at a time after duplicating them with the move tool, really killed any ability I had to follow my imagination to build like, actual spaces or environments. I can see an update is forthcoming and I'll wait for that to see what new toys we get to play with.


lots of these ideas are things I've been wanting from the start, I especially want to add something that automatically duplicates an object connected to the original object so you can repeat it in a grid formation while it is still treated as one object. nd this would also allow for fractal-style repeating or other mathematical objects.

another thing I'm going to add is "glue" that can stick two objects together...

and then I'm going to add "prefabs" that store an object and everything glued to it as one object you can store in a file and place into any other scene!

adding re-texturing and "locking" objects in place in 2.02, and I'm gonna keep updating this more frequently now. instead of a big update infrequently, I'm going to do small, frequent updates to get each of these features in soon!


Yes! Together those would solve most of the frustrating issues with large builds I was having! The only other things I found myself wanting were the ability to fly in edit mode, and the ability to change the player's size with functions even with sizes disabled, to allow for Alice in Wonderland style "Drink me" business; but those were a bit more fanciful desires.


The default download is on 1.9, not 2.01 - (this is mostly an issue when using itch app to install)


oooh, I didn't realise it worked this way. I've put 2.01 at the top

This is great, just found it today and already having a lot of fun! My main suggestion is a search bar for the create menu so you can find your props a bit faster. (I would also love to import my own models/textures/sounds, but if that wouldn't work out I'd completely understand.) This is very swag and I'm going to enjoy it a lot.


I'm going to update it about once a year! I like the idea of importing models and things into it too, but you're right, I don't know how I'd start with that!

in a way I think the limitations kind of inspire more creativity, but at the same time I want to expand it as much as possible.

Thanks for the quick response! I was also wondering if there's a Discord or similar platform to exchange levels and screenshots at. This feels like the kind of game that's better enjoyed with a community, and I'm trying to see if such a community exists yet.


this was a good question so I asked a few people if there was enough interest in starting a discord for this game and they said yes! so I made one! it's a day old right now  https://discord.gg/Et8DqP42uq


This is so cool : ) Do you have any blog post about how you made this? (like what you used to program it)


I don't have a blog post about it specifically, but I charted development on my tumblr and twitter accounts (but it'd be kind of a mess to sift through) I could def write some more hopefully, someday.

And I coded it in blitz 3D (which is what I use for everything, lol. It's very old but it's the only language I know back to front and also it produces low poly graphics really well so I stuck with it)

Oh cool! thanks : )




Finally, I can create the burning skeleton realm of my dreams!


katelabs is basically as cool as you are

launch it and goof around