A Comic Series about life, made in the summer of 2023
My vast library of platformer tech is available to you to play with! A big level editing toy.
Witch's Bananas
9 games I made for Glorious Trainwrecks in 2020.
9 small games I made for glorious trainwrecks in 2019.
10 small, complete games from yours truly. NOT a scrap pack! These were made over 2018 for Glorious Trainwrecks.
"Just Scream" can now be played in-browser! Scream to your heart's content
Play in browser
A short game about a girl raised by flamingos.
The last game I made in 2019. Hidden Object Game
Made for Punch nazis Jam 2017. Neo-nazis are gaining power on the streets. You've got to stop them
D.S.A is a surreal journey following the 3 members of girl group "D.S.A", tripping out on their giant college campus
You are Zachary Knoxville Touchdown, the ultimate geek. Every day you play a VR game where pop culture... comes to life